My interest in pictures, and the snapping of them, started in childhood. Capturing a moment in time, a memory, to then relive is a part of the human condition. Photos are an integral part of society. We see them everywhere. Product labels, adverts, identification cards, loved ones on the office desk, on walls in our homes, in our phones.

My photography tends to be of nature. Or selfies, admittedly. I love suspending a moment to remind me of a time in my life. Or, to hold an awesome slice of my day.

I have a Canon DSLR that I use on occasion, however, most of my photos are taken with my phone. I do alter photos, using a variety of apps. My favorite way of getting prints is through Parabo. I’ve also had magnets made, and used some of my altered photos to make fabric through Spoonflower.

What you’ll find here is my portfolio of photos, photos for sale, and a way to order prints of my photos.