I first learned to make loops with a hook as a child, watching my grandma Vivian. Her speed and skill with thread (to make doilies) fascinated me. I remember long hours of making chains, then learning to keep the sides straight as I crocheted rows.

Over the years, I’d pick up the hook for a while, then set it aside again. As an adult, my skill improved and I branched out a bit, making amigurumi and garments, and learning intricate stitches. I enjoy showing off what’s essentially a post-apocalyptic survival skill. All you need is a hook and something with which to make strong, yet delicate, material – yarn, raffia, plastic bags (in strips), wire… possibilities are limitless.

On these pages, you’ll find my crochet portfolio, finished pieces for sale, and a commission form. I’ll consider most projects, with a preference for pieces I consider functional in some way: hats/beanies, mittens, blankets, bags, washcloths, potholders, stress balls (in my favorite form: the F-bomb).

Some projects are time-intensive, and commission quotes will reflect that. I make every single piece by hand, backed by over three decades of practice and creative skill.

I look forward to creating a piece of handmade goodness for you.