A bit about me

Hey there. I’m Skaja. [Sounds like /skī-ə/]

I grew up among the lakes in Central Minnesota, taking a pit stop in Nebraska before finally finding my way to Tampa Florida where I’ve lived since 2009. I love the sunshine, and the humidity and I have a hostile relationship.

I’ve made art most of my life. Art classes in school brought a fascination with color and design. Even a shop class in high school contributed to my creativity. Growing up with a musician dad instilled an appreciation of music that rivals my love of art. When alone, I often sing along with the myriad genres I adore. (Fun fact: I spent several months as a DJ in a Second Life bar called Pier.)

In the years since graduation, my love affair with color and creativity has only deepened, branching out into what I wear, what I make, and even to how I decorate my living space and studio. I will happily spend hours wandering art stores, considering project ideas, and will binge watch my way through design shows in my Netflix queue.

I love bright colors, bold statements, movement, and non-conformity. I stand for equity for all, and advocate for mental health awareness, stigma reduction, feminism, unpacking priviledge, protections for the marginalized, and the rights and freedoms for people to live their truth. (Unless you’re a Nazi.)

Many of my pieces, particularly painting and photography, are open to interpretations. I urge you to come to your own conclusions about what any particular piece means to you.

My other loves include music (particularly my collection of cover songs), rain, fictional crime dramas, memes, chocolate milk, my partner, and my cats.