Why art is important

shower - black and whiteArt is a mirror.

Sure, you can look at a piece of art and appreciate its aesthetic quality, and marvel (or not) on the technique of the artist.

But, think about it. Think about a piece of art that you love. Or hate.

Now think about why you love it. Or hate it.

Is it about the technique? Is it beautiful? Ugly? Confusing? Simple?

Now consider this: what is it about you that forms your opinion about a piece of art?

Maybe you feel resentful that the artist has the freedom to take what they see and make something meaningful. Could it be that you wish you had meaning in your life?

Maybe you feel excitement at all the symbols you found. Symbols embedded that perhaps even the artist didn’t know were there. Could it be that you notice symbols everywhere and each one fills you with wonder?

Art is so very needed in life, in this world that spends a lot of time focused on the sad. The negative. The unhappy.

And I’m not saying that everything in life is all sunshine and sparkles and unicorns. (I’d be suspect of anyone who believes that, to be honest.)

The best art, the art that moves me, challenges my way of thinking. If I’m not drawn to a piece, I try to consider why. If I go back to a piece again and again (and again)…I consider why.

Art is more than a piece of decor on a wall. Art can be a catalyst. Hell, art IS a catalyst. To the person who makes it. To the person who appreciates it. To the person who buys it.

Every piece of art you find has meaning to someone. Is important to someone.

Art can, and does, change lives.

Art changed, and continues to change, my life. Every day.

Because art is a mirror.

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