Why art is important

Art is a mirror. Sure, you can look at a piece of art and appreciate its aesthetic quality, and marvel (or not) on the technique of the artist. But, think about it. Think about a piece of art that you love. Or hate. Now think about why you love it. Or hate it. Is it […]

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A Lesson From Foghat

This is Foghat. He is 15 months old. He’s one of my ‘inquisi-kitties’ who likes to see what I’m doing, and get involved. Most memorably, he reached for a paintbrush, and landed his tail in my paint palette. He’s also my ‘ADHD cat’. Very hyper. I’ve not known a kitty before him to play fetch, […]

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Art Doesn’t Need a Reason to Exist

I was listening to the May 6th episode of Art Heroes Radio, hosted by John T. Unger. His guest on that episode was Philip Huang. I hadn’t heard of Philip before that episode, but in reading over the background info for the show, I viewed a YouTube video of Philip showing how he raises money. […]

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